Looking to hire a band for your party?  That’s a spooky coincidence, because we’re trying to sell the very same thing.  We cater for ALL musical tastes – provided your musical tastes are either 70s glam rock (in which case check out Bulge) or 60s Jamaican ska (in which case you want The Blue Beat Allstars).



For all enquiries email bands@grumpyrabbit.co.uk or call Phil, our resident Party Rabbit, on 07961 913769 (UK only – unless you’re happy to pay for the flights as well…). 


We have lots of influential mates in the music biz, so while we’d obviously rather fleece you by supplying a band from our own stable, we can find you any kind of band you want – just let us know and we’ll put you in touch with a suitably smooth-talking individual.